Ready to go from bland and generic to a brand that moves your soul every day?

Does this Sound familiar…

× Your exisiting brand is all over the place (it’s a mess!)

× You feel overwhelmed at the thought of rebranding

× You’ve outgrown your branding with huge personal and business growth

× You have mixed messaging and you are attracting the wrong clients

× Tedious and frustrating DIY attempts are sucking up all your time

× And you’re still not sure what to do

× You don’t feel that you are communicating your true value

× You’re not standing out amongst your competitors with an authentic and unique identity and

× You’re sick of trying to figure it out by yourself 


What about feeling like this instead…

♥ You feel excited, energised and ‘lit up’ – excited to show up more and move forward

♥ You feel so aligned with your branding it becomes easy to work on growing your business

♥ You have a brand that speaks for you – communicates your value and expertise

Your increased brand awareness brings in new leads attracting your dream clients who trust and connect with you

♥ You feel confident and proud of your online presence

♥ You are able to increase your prices to show your expertise

♥ You have more time to work on your business knowing you have all the solid foundations for growth and

♥ You are not struggling with it on your own…


If only you could find a designer who can help you get clarity and translate your ideas into a beautiful brand that “sings”.

That’s where I come in…

Jo has the ability to transform concepts of all complexities
into the ideal design solution.

SHANNON DUNN – Creative Possibility

What i can offer you

♥ A relaxed, stress free step by step branding experience offering support and guidance

♥ An experienced professional by your side with intuitive creativity and an in depth attention to detail

♥ Done for you tiered packages for what you are needing right now – saving you time (and money)

♥ Communication – we work together all the way from the discovery call through to the handing over of the final files

♥ 1:1 Training at the end of each project to go over it all

♥ Templates and guides to help you keep a consistent brand

♥ Ongoing support for growth in your business


Branding Packages


I want my branding experience to feel like a breath of fresh air for you. A fresh new perspective that can only but help your business grow.
You can email me at to discuss how any one of these packages can transform your business to the next level.

These packages are based on what I have found to be the most needed items, but if separate elements are needed, let me know. Each individual job will need to be discussed to determine the time needed to create it. A full quote will be given prior to commencing a job at which stage a 50% deposit is required to begin artwork. All quotes are valid for 28 days only. Business Card Printing is separate: $125 for x 500, full colour, double sided and matt laminated 450gsm card +NV (New velvet) finish cards. Delivered to you. 

Logo Design

Jo has such a wonderful talent for making content beautiful and fresh!
Everything she creates for our business has surpassed our expectations.

KIRSTIN DUNN – Semple Property Group

Business Branding

“Since the rebrand and advertising,
the phone hasn’t stopped ringing so Jo’s work is highly effective too!”

PAUL FOSTER – Allium Gardeners

Branded Icons and Patterns


You are welcome to have a look at my socials and website to see if my style resonates with what you are after.

Feel free to contact me via email and we can book in a 15 minute chat to discuss in more detail your branding requirements.


Once we have clarified, I will send through a Contact Form and a Brand Discovery Questionnare. 

A deposit invoice is sent through for the research and artwork to begin. 

We will discuss in more detail over the phone / zoom / face to face (consults SOR, Perth). It’s here that I can also offer my professional ideas and recommendations.


You will be notified of the timeline and when to expect first concepts.

I begin my research of your industry, competitors and your ideal clients. Design concepts are put together based on the brief and what we have discussed.

Once concepts are sent through, I will require your thorough feedback. Communication is key.

The design is then developed and refined until we have come up with the perfect solution for you.


Once all the artwork is approved, the final invoice will be issued.

Once payment is received, all the files will be supplied to you in the correct format for you to start putting your beautiful new brand out into the world!


How long will the design process take?

Once the deposit is paid, I generally say that depending on my current workload, it will be 2 weeks until you receive the initial proofs.

Once we have discussed what you are after, I will begin the process of researching your target market, brainstorming, sketching ideas which I then digitise, fine tune and supply artwork proofs for you to have a look at.

The complete branding package can take between 4-6 weeks.

What format will I receive my files?

All logo files will be supplied to you for use on both print and web, so EPS, PDF,  JPG, PNG and SVG. I supply the logo in all colour variations including Pantone, CMYK, RGB and black and white.

What if there is something that I need that is not on your website?

Please drop me a line at and I will get back to you to discuss what you are after and if I can help.

Why do I need a professional logo?

Your logo is only one small part of your overall branding. It is a very important part though, because it is usually the first visual connection between you and your potential client/customer.

A good graphic designer will take the time to research your business, your target market and your competitors. They will take all of that information, research, brainstorm, sketch ideas and transform these ideas to create your custom logo; which will be perfectly suited to your business.

You want your logo to be professional and reflect who you are and what your business represents within the first few seconds of a potential customer looking at it.

Great logos can tell a whole story about your business no matter how simple. In fact, the simple ones are the greatest.

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a collage consisting of a colour palette, patterns, textures, lifestyle photographs etc to help you summerise what kind of style you want your business to reflect.

It’s a good idea to think of some main keywords that you feel may reflect your business or want your business to reflect (for eg. energetic, sophisticated, bold) And then examples of style could be: Modern, classic, traditional, vintage, retro, organic, serious etc. Also importantly, you want to be able to create a mood on how you want your audience to feel.

What is a Style Guide or Brand Guideline?

A Style Guide or Brand Guideline is an essential tool to have to keep your branding consistent across your media and to pass on to any other designers, web developers, printers etc that you are working with to keep the conistency and integrity of your brand.

It has a breakdown of your style of your brand, including your colours and your fonts. If the fonts are not supplied, you should receive a link where they can be downloaded or purchased.

Branding elements like patterns, textures and icons can also be included which help elevate your brand and bring it to life. Style of photography can also be included.

Does this sound like something you need or that we could collaborate on?

I would love to hear from you

what my happy clients have to say

I am so excited by the impact of my new branding and logos created by Jo. She really understood what image I was trying to achieve and nailed it. She was so easy to deal with and efficient. The whole process was seamless.

Kylie Thompson - Sorrento Strategic