Managing the Juggle


Managing the Juggle is a fabulous collaboration of both Jo Alilovic and Lucy Dickens who have created the Podcast ‘The Juggle’ which aims to inspire and support ambitious working mums to have both a fulfilling professional career AND a rich family life.


The initial logo concept was based on the idea that: “Professional career women have become world class circus performers – skilled in the art of juggling more than a hundred things at once. They are constantly battling mummy guilt, struggling with the mental load, searching for the elusive “work/life balance”, and feel like a fraud when asked “How do you do it all?” For all that – they wouldn’t have it any other way. The fear of dropping a ball every now and then is worth it for the joys of the juggle.” 

The brand is modern and fun with a professional edge. The strong dark blue contrasts with the lighter duck egg blue and the brighter yellow and the hand drawn illustrations add to the light hearted fun feel.

The aim of the brand is to make the audience feel a sense of community, support, humour, inspiration,  less alone, educated and to gain insight into how others manage ‘The Juggle’.