Phatt Journal

Illustration and Design

The Phatt Journal was designed as a tool to help those on the Phatt weight loss program, with a 60 day journal to keep a daily track of food, water, and supplements.

• Approach

It is a 140 page designed journal, filled with hints, tips, inspirational quotes and info to guide them on their journey. 

Every page is filled with hand drawn illustrations, adding to the personal touch of the brand.

The discreet front cover is made up of a collage of images including food, weight loss items etc. Only the inside cover mentions Phatt, so it can happily be carried around, just looking like a pretty notebook.

The brand colours give a fresh healthy feel with the bright blue and “apple” green palette.

Giving back – $1 of every sale of the journal is donated to a girl’s school in Zimbabwe, providing educational support for the girls who are generally not given full access to opportunities at home and in school.