• Before

“I had no branding before working with Jo – I actually didn’t understand what having a brand meant and how this would later be the game changer for my business.”



• Approach

Silverdale Holistic Therapy is a business empowering women, relieving them on pain patterns and gifting the insight and perspective to let go of outdated ideas on how to manage life and their pain.

As a holistic therapist specialising in Bowen, Flower Essence Therapy, 1:1 and online group programs – Tracy is able to release the ties that bind women to pain and find relief, inner peace and new perspective.

She has stepped into her power and there couldn’t have been a better time to refresh her branding to be more aligned to what she represents and offers.

We worked through a comprehensive brand discovery to establish where she was and where she wanted to be, who she loves to work with and how exactly her business can help them. Also very importantly, we worked through how we wanted the brand to feel and the emotive connection we wanted to achieve with her dream clients.

The colour palette was totally inspired by the native flowers of Australia and the silvery grey of the eucalyptus leaves.

We created a collection of custom designed icons, illustrations, elements and a pattern that helps style the brand, adding an extra layer and unique touch to showcase the brand.

Throughout the design process and when creating any new material, we constantly refer back to Tracy’s core values of intuition, insightfullness, groundedness, compassion and honesty.

• Deliverables

+ Logo and brand guideline
+ Branding assets and illustrations
+ Social media templates
+ eBook design + Blog post design
+ Masterclass and meditation logos
+ Flower essence labels
+ Website graphics

• After

“Now I feel I have a brand that will stay with me for years to come – it’s an artwork and the feeling I have I can’t properly articulate – it moves my soul every day and it is a part of me – more than personality – it expresses my soul.

I have been able to transition from a deeper way of working and have this expressed in a way that is my truth and true for me.

You find out who you are, who you serve and who you want to work with through the branding process.”