Align Your Brilliance With Your Brand

Create a strategic and thoughtfully designed custom heart-felt brand


Does this sound like you?

You’re a big hearted, purpose-driven business owner who’s changing lives,
building a business you love and wanting to make a bigger impact…


+ You feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to branding – you’re not even sure where to start!
+ You know what you want, but you just can’t bring it to life visually
+ You’re ready to up level with custom and strategic branding
+ You’re sick of holding yourself back because your branding just ‘isn’t you’
+ You’re DIYing but it’s so time consuming and frustrating (and never looks as good as you imagined) 
+ You want to use visual storytelling to show you’re a premium service and attract your ideal client

I get it. And I’m here to help.

Let’s work together…

I can help bring clarity to your brand, which then builds confidence for you to promote your business and share your gifts to the people that are out there searching for you.

With over two decades of experience in the graphic design industry, I’m here to help you get the grounded advice and design knowledge you need to help your business flourish and make a bigger impact.

I have a real curiosity to truly understand you, your business and your dream visual brand. So let’s work together to translate your vision and ideas into a brand that perfectly conveys the best of you, helping you to connect with your ideal clients.

what my happy clients have to say

Jo is my go-to when it comes to any graphic design work, particularly when building websites for our clients. Her natural talent is in creating the perfect logo for our clients. As a true graphic design professional, she also understands the diverse use for logos and other graphical items and ensures that whatever she creates will work in all formats and across all platforms. I am incredibly particular about who I work with – due to the calibre of her work, Jo makes it easy for me to refer and work with her

Sarah Thomson - Online Social Butterfly