So this is me…

I am Jo Wilson, a graphic designer who loves working with small purpose-driven businesses making a big difference.

I’m lucky to call Perth, Western Australia home after working for various design studios across the globe from South Africa to England.

I’ve always loved what I do, but after a long career working within these design studios, I decided to branch out and start my own business allowing me to share my knowledge and experience. My vision was to establish a design studio that offered a high quality, creative and personal branding experience helping you to create a strategic visual identity aligned with your purpose.

I also juggle the mum/business life balance while sharing my office with Lilly, my crazy Border Collie, who luckily tears me away from my Mac every now and then to have a break.


For me, it is an absolute honour to be a part of your journey as a small business owner.

My aim is to give you the clarity and confidence to promote your business with pride. You do great work and you change people’s lives for the better and I want to help you put your best self out there by building an authentic, cohesive and aligned brand.

I genuinely love capturing the personality of your business in a unique way to attract your ideal clients and help you find success doing what you love.



I don’t believe people are carbon copies where a cookie cutter approach will create their brand. Each branding project is individual, and I bring not only the design, but also the strategy, thought process and intention needed to make your brand convert. It’s my aim to create intentional designs that connect on an emotional level, and nurture you towards your business goals.

Design for me, is and always will be, a way of life. I am a very visual person, so I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, especially nature. Although I’m a digital designer, I still love getting my pencil and sketchbook out for initial ideas, making them come to life on my Mac and my iPad Pro later. I love incorporating the mix of hand drawn illustrations and new digital technology to create a harmonious but unique brand.

People buy from people

“You aren’t just selling a product or service.
You’re selling a product or service provided by a human being that’s you.
And that’s what makes it special.

My why

I have always loved what I do, but after a long time I felt that I was quite “stuck” in my career. The never ending deadlines were killing my creative soul and I decided something needed to change.

I wanted to bring more creativity, meaning and purpose into my work. It was then that I pulled out my dusty old sketchbook and started drawing again.

The first thing I drew was a Willy Wagtail for my son.

This simple sketch became the catalyst for change in my life.  From here, I decided to find a new way of working which was more creative, organic and intentional and hence my business was born with the Willy Wagtail as part of my logo.

A short time later, I entered my design into a national wrapping paper competition for which I won the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

So, for me, every time I see a tiny bobbing Willy Wagtail, it’s a small reminder to keep being creative, look at things differently and create work that matters. That is why I love working with small businesses making a big difference.

I am a big believer of signs and every time I feel I need to remember my why, that tiny little bird pops up, wags his tail, and very gently keeps me on track.

Do you have a sign that shows up and reminds you of your why?

Does your logo tell a special story? 

Does creating meaningful work matter to you?

I would love to hear your story and help you bring it to life in your branding.

what my happy clients have to say

Jo is my go-to when it comes to any graphic design work, particularly when building websites for our clients. Her natural talent is in creating the perfect logo for our clients. As a true graphic design professional, she also understands the diverse use for logos and other graphical items and ensures that whatever she creates will work in all formats and across all platforms. I am incredibly particular about who I work with – due to the calibre of her work, Jo makes it easy for me to refer and work with her

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