Creating beautiful graphic design to make you stand out

I’m Jo, a very passionate graphic designer. I do what I do because I absolutely love it. After 20 years of working for various design companies in South Africa, England and Australia, I decided to start my own business, so that I could offer experienced quality design with a very creative approach – to help businesses stand out and ultimately attract their ideal clients and make more profit.


I offer my clients a very personal experience, getting to know them and their business which then helps me to create something truly unique and individual for them. I love to be a part of their journey, the excitement of starting a business or refreshing a brand to create something that brings out their individuality and what they represent. Their business is part of them and I like to dig deep to capture the essence and heart and soul of their business making each design authentic to them.

I can understand where they are coming from, being a small business myself wanting to be proud of what I represent.

I currently have clients in England, South Africa and America, so working remotely is not a problem.


I also understand that communication is key. I am both friendly and approachable and will always listen to what you want, making the whole process simple and straightforward.

The current technological age has resulted in a very competitive space for most businesses. People tend to skim across the internet, generally giving any one thing about 3-5 seconds of attention. So if you are wanting your online presence to stand out and attract your ideal customer, I can help with this.


My resounding mantra is high quality work at an affordable price. You will not be stung with exorbitant agency fees, just excellent service at an affordable price.


When I’m not creating eye catching graphics for my clients, I love to hone my craft and illustrative skills. Although being a digital designer, I still love getting my pencil and sketchbook out for my initial ideas and then making them come to life on my Mac. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations and particularly birds are one of my favourite creatures which I find all sorts of inspiration from them whether it be colours, patterns, textures and details. I am currently enjoying a newfound love for patterns.