SWAN – Supporting Women Advisory Network


Branding for SWAN – A network of female professionals and business owners committed to the pursuit of health, wealth and happiness for women who want to make money and make a difference. SWAN supports women by providing tools, resources and education to empower them to take/regain control of their lives and finances.

• Approach

The brand refresh included brand discovery, logo design, colour palette and typography. Brand assets including patterns and textures were created to add another visual layer.

To give the feeling of connection and flowing femininity, the swan is drawn as one continuous flowing line. It is also placed on the arc which represents “support”.

The ‘feathers’ of pinks and green reference to happiness/feminine (for pink) and growth/money/finances (for green).

The lower case soft flowing feminine italic Lora font (used for ‘swan’) connects on the “a and n” adding to the flowing feel and the brand representing community, connection and support.

Powerpoint templates were set up to have the consistent look and feel of the brand in presentations and workshops and graphic elements were supplied for the website development.